Got a Handicap Ramp Installed in No Time

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My doctor suggested getting a paving contractor in Nassau County NY as one of the first things in taking care of my wife. I thought that surprising, but in retrospect it wasn’t. She has MS, you see, and it’s moved into the final stages which means she can no longer walk or even move much under her own power. That isn’t too much of a problem in the house with a wheelchair, but taking her to the doctor meant we needed some sort of durable ramp to get her into the car. Carrying her just doesn’t work, especially since I’m no spring chicken.

I worried about hiring someone to do the work, though. I always worry when I have to hire people to work on the house. So many of my friends and family members have horror stories about a kitchen that took half a year to remodel, or a bathroom project that came in way over budget. But really I had no choice. We had to get the ramp installed, and as quickly as possible. We couldn’t have anything getting in the way of my wife’s doctor appointments so I moved quickly to find a reliable firm.

After extensive online research, I went with a contractor who actually mentions building handicapped ramps front and center on their site. Most other places didn’t mention anything about it so I figured they must have done a lot of them over the years. I wasn’t wrong. They came out and knew exactly what to do. They asked where I wanted it and then took a lot of measurements and before I knew it they were out setting up the forms and pouring the concrete. A few days later and the ramp was ready to go! It’s compact and sturdy and I can get my wife to the car in less than a minute!

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