I Moved to Austell GA to Get Away from Cold Winters

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I came home from work about six months ago in the dead of winter. I’m young and was still living with my parents in the northeast. I told my mother that I felt like I was frozen solid. I worked for the pipeline industry and spent most of the day wet and cold in the winter. I could take the heat of summer, but I did not like freezing. I got a chance to visit Georgia in January, and wasted no time finding apartments for rent in Austell GA as soon as I got back home. I decided to move on that short trip down south.

Here it is six months later and I have a new apartment and a new job. I actually work for the same company; it is just in a different position and in a warmer climate. My parents were happy for me saying they were glad I was leaving. They have been waiting for me to leave the nest so they could move south too. I had heard them talking about it for years, but I never thought they would act on it. There income allows them to get a place in the Keys. I did not want to move that far south.

I have been happy here from the first day I moved in. My apartment is fantastic, and the weather is much more tolerable. I got a call from a friend back where I grew up, and he texted me some pictures of the snowstorm he had to work in. I sent him back pictures of dry ground and sunny skies with me wearing a short sleeve shirt outside. Hey, its only in the 50s here during the day right now, but that sure beats the 20s back where I grew up. I’m glad I did not wait until retirement age to move to a warmer climate.

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