When my wife and I first started looking at homes in the Denver area, we weren’t sure whether we wanted to look on our own or hire one of the top Denver realtors to help us. We finally decided that we would be able to see a better variety of properties if we had a professional on our team, and we were able to find a reputable dealer thanks to some recommendations from my new coworkers. Since three of them recommended the same one, we decided to look at his website first. That way, there would be no commitment if we did not like what we saw.

Well, that was not going to be a problem, because this realtor was a dream come true for us. When we first met with him to tell him what we were interested in, he asked us some questions about our likes and dislikes so he could pick out the best properties for our needs. Some of the questions surprised us, and we were very happy that he was so thorough because we would have never thought to include some of the things he asked about. When that initial meeting was over, he felt positive that he would find us what we wanted, and we felt confident that he would deliver on his word.

The house that we ended up buying was the third one we looked at. My wife fell in love with the completely modern kitchen, and I liked that there was a private office along with a large library. My wife and I are both avid readers, so this was a nice bonus for us. The fenced in yard was another bonus since it meant we would be able to let our dogs run free instead of having to take them out on a leash until we decided to get a fence installed. Everything about the home was perfect for us!

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