I have a WD MyPassport external drive that no longer works and would like to recover the data from it. I asked Jan Schon of http://janschon.edublogs.org/, a data recovery expert, how much this is likely to cost to recover.

I have a WD Passport for Mac (WDBLUZ5000ASL-03) which was working fine yesterday. Plugged in today and came up on my desktop as usual – noticed that I was unable to find some photos and then had a message telling me to eject the device. Plugged back in and didn’t come up on my desktop as normal – is showing in WD Utilities but says no volumes and the options to run diagnostics are faded out. Advice from Mani at http://24hourcomputerrepairs.com/ suggest that I have a hard drive problem. I have no backup of my photos and am panicking now. The device light comes on and is making a clicking sound so there is power to the device – is there any chance of recovering my photos and what would you charge? I am based in East Sussex so can see you aren’t near me. SAMSUNG 2016 GLAXAY A3 MODEL SCREEN IS BLANK BUT PHONE MAKES VOLUME NOISE AND VIBRATES SO JUST SCREEN DAMAGE I THINK. CAN I GET DATA RECOVERY OF PICTURES AND MESSAGES?

I have a Seagate 1T external hard drive. I do not use if frequently – just to move pictures / videos from laptop to external drive. The drive no longer powers up at all when connected to the plug point. I have tried different cables between the laptop and drive and between the drive and the power socket – nothing. No light to indicate power or turning of the drive inside. The cables work perfectly for my other external drive but not this one.

HDD appears dead. Unable to recover data using off the shelf data recovery software. HDD belongs to one of our Managers and some data was not backed up to the network.

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